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16 June 2022

YouTube Keyword Insights: a useful tool for SEO?

Getting the right tools to get going with SEO is essential as having the right data to back up your strategy will ensure you stay on the right track; luckily in 2022, there are plenty of tools out there which are good for diving into search marketing data. Here we take a look at the new YouTube Keyword Insights tool and measure its usefulness as a research tool within your SEO arsenal. 

What is the YouTube Keyword Insights tool? 

If you are looking for ideas on what to produce video content on, then the YouTube keyword insights tool provides a great introduction to what people on the platform may be searching for. You can explore holistic data on what people have been searching for, and provided you have enough data you can also look at what your users have been searching for on the platform.

In terms of search volume, these are a lot more topline than tools like ‘keyword planner’ but they do give some interesting insight. You can for example find ‘content gaps’ that you do not cover but that many of your viewers are searching for. This of course returns mixed results when it comes to the relevance to your channel. 

The data above shows 2 interesting results returned as content gaps for our health and safety publishing client HSE Network around alarms and danger symbol content, but “madfut 22 bot trades” proves less relevant. 

How to use the YouTube Keyword tool

So how should you use the tool? Well if you have a YouTube channel you produce regular content for, the tool can be very useful when it comes to getting initial ideas around videos to produce. The top line score for search volume on YouTube may also provide some interesting data when compared to standard Google Search results, and maybe an opportunity to test different terms and work out if there may be more of a demand for them on YouTube when compared to the wider Google channels. 

Should you use the tool? 

So should you use the tool? Well, there are certainly areas worth exploring when it comes to keyword research and creating a YouTube content strategy, and setting up a channel will give you access to the tool so you can have a play. However, if you are looking for wider keyword research and search intent modelling on different platforms, SEM software like Ahrefs and SEMRush offers more detailed analysis with more data. 

Article by: David, SEO Account Manager More articles by David

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