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6 June 2024

May SEO News Roundup

We have collated the latest SEO and search marketing news from the last month, as well as important Varn news and updates. If you want to stay up to date with the latest in SEO news, you can also follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Read our extensive guide on SGE

Google’s AI Overviews (formerly SGE) has officially launched in the US, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of search. It’s crucial we all stay ahead of the curve and understand the implications of new AI-powered search features.

To help you navigate these new and exciting developments, our team has curated a comprehensive guide on what’s happening, how to prepare for the global rollout of AI Overviews and what it could mean for your search strategy.

Link Rot: 38% Of Webpages From 2013 Have Vanished

Ever clicked a link and landed on the dreaded 404 page? Recent research shared by Search Engine Journal shows 38% of webpages from 2013 were no longer accessible in 2023. This “link rot” affects news publications, government websites, and even Wikipedia. What’s the takeaway? Regularly check your website’s links (internal & external) to keep your content fresh and users happy!

Shopify For SEO: Top 10 Benefits & 3 Mistakes to Avoid

How do you get your ecommerce website to stand out in a crowded digital space?

This blog uncovers how to make the most of Shopify for SEO, explores its benefits and shares tips to help you avoid common mistakes.

 Google’s search internal engineering has partially leaked. 

Internal documentation for Google Search’s Content Warehouse API was leaked this month and the documentation outlined each module of the API, breaking them down into summaries, types, functions, and attributes. You can read analysis of this leaked documentation news, from iPullRank below. This analysis concurs with our own conclusion, that these documents serve to validate that effective SEO means understanding your audience, identifying what they want and making the most technically accessible content and websites that align with their needs.

How to update old content for SEO improvements

As your website grows and evolves over time with lots of new content, it can be easy to neglect some of your past blogs and content pieces, in favour of new shiny ones.📝

In this article we take a look at ways you can update old content for SEO improvements, driving higher organic search traffic.

Google Marketing Live Keynote – The New Era of AI Advertising?

The recent Google Marketing Live event marked a significant shift towards AI integration across Google’s platforms, unveiling Project Astra and various AI-powered advancements designed to enhance user and advertiser experiences. In this blog we share some of Varn’s key highlights and takeaways from the event:

Last chance to book VarnFest tickets

VarnFest will be back on June 19th at our unique outdoor woodland office in Bradford On Avon.

VarnFest was born out of a vision to share leadership stories that will help others learn to be the best leader they can be and to help their business grow. the last few tickets are remaining, so don’t forget to book your space on this one of a kind woodland business festival. We promise a beautiful event setting, delicious coffee and lunch, live music and a line up of brilliant and inspiring speakers…

VarnFest LineUp 2024

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