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1 June 2022

5 Important SEO Rules For Successful Website Upkeep

Launching a website for your business is just the beginning of your work, not the end. There are some business owners who would like the website to do all the work as they sit back, watch the visitor numbers rise and count the cash, but unfortunately, this is unrealistic. Keeping your website up to date and effective still requires ongoing hard work in order to drive sales.

1. Schedule Times For Fresh Content

Your first step of website upkeep is to keep your site relevant and updated. Make sure you’re scheduling regular social media and blog posts so that Google is aware that you are updating content and to keep your followers interested. If you start posting updates on the same day every week – followers will begin to expect and look forward to your next blog or social media post. Some channels will need more posting than others. Twitter needs a higher frequency of posting than Facebook to keep the momentum up and boost followers. You should also make sure you have the right social media channels for your business.

Make sure if you have a blog that it has a purpose and contains advice or information that is of use.

2. Manage Your CRM Database And E-Marketing

Manage your customers as they come in. Use newsletters to keep them in the loop with any offer or development on your website or in your business. Ensure you’re giving them added value for their loyalty – it can be easier to retain a customer than gain a new one. Four repeat customers – each with 20% discounts for loyalty, can harvest more ROI than a new customer. If someone has bought from you, in theory, they already trust you as a business and like the products or services you’re offering. To boost your E-marketing sure when you send an email with a good subject line and if there is a discount, put the offer in that line so people are drawn to it.

3. Follow Company Changes

Make sure any staff and their contact details that leave the company are taken off your About Us page or new employees are added. Keep all changes in the company visible on your website. For instance, if you have a good new client – make sure they are added to your website. This gives you increased credibility and could impress potential clients. Update and achievements and endorsements when you get them, so visitors know that you are good now, rather than three years ago.

Highlight any new and exciting developments or offers on the homepage and always label any content you add carefully and appropriately for SEO.

4. Analysis Is Key

Always keep track of the way visitors interact and use your website. Understand their path and where they stop on this path to converting to sale on your site. If there is a regular pattern in user behaviour that, for example, shows that people disengage at your checkout page, you may have identified a page that is ineffective. You can then study that page and establish what the issues on that page could be. Visitors do not have patience with pages they cannot progress from easily, especially on mobile devices. Identify and fix all problems in consumer paths as soon as possible.

5. Be Available

If you are inviting visitors to email you or call you, make sure you pledge a bracket of time to return an answer to their question e.g. 48 hours. Ensure you can handle dealing with the request traffic and always have an answerphone message on your phone line and a bounce back on your emails stating an expected response period. Alternatively, to be really ‘on the ball’ and to make the website more human and accessible, you could offer a social messaging service to deal with queries relatively instantly. This needs to be manned constantly so do not ignore the function if you choose it.

Websites need to be carefully managed on a daily basis whether they are E-Commerce sites or static pages with social plug-ins. For more advice on looking after and developing websites contact the team at Varn.

Article by: Tom, Managing Director of Varn Digital Marketing More articles by Tom

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