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28 May 2013

YouTube Vs. Vimeo



  • There are millions of users – and so a huge potential audience for your videos
  • You can earn revenue from advertising with the Partner Program
  • FREE Hosting and video uploads
  • YouTube works as a search engine – meaning that more people looking for services or products similar to yours can potentially find your videos and website via YouTube
  • YouTube videos are more likely to appear within the Google search results
  • YouTube allows for commercial content
  • You have access to a number of analytics statistics associated with your videos / channel
  • Fast video delivery and quick playback with top notch video services
  • No coding skills are required to upload / embed videos


  • Having millions of users can mean that your videos get lost within the masses of videos available
  • YouTube places adverts on and around almost all of their videos, disturbing the video viewing process
  • YouTube have their own branding on their player, which you cannot remove
  • Laws and regulations mean that your videos can be removed at any time, should a user complain about them – you have a lack of control
  • Related videos can mean that you lose traffic to competitors
  • There are a limited number of player templates to choose from when uploading your videos
  • Most video uploads are limited to 15 minutes



  • Pro members get advanced video statistics
  • There are a growing number of members, increasing the number of potential visitors to your videos
  • Vimeo content can rank well within Google search results, if your videos are optimised correctly
  • You can add branding to your videos, if you have a Pro account


  • There is a limit to the amount of content you upload, unless you pay for a Pro account
  • Vimeo doesn’t like commercial content, unless you are a relatively small production company – otherwise you must again pay for a Pro account
  • With a smaller number of users than YouTube, less people are likely to view your video
  • Slow upload times and only one HD video upload allowed per week – unless you have a Pro account
  • You can’t track the amount of time of videos viewed in Analytics.

Hopefully now you have enough information to decide which of the two are better for you. Remember, you can also choose from a range of other video platforms, or even self hosted videos.
Although YouTube videos appear to rank better than Vimeo videos, you can always cover all bases and upload your videos to both platforms – this will not have a negative effect on your SEO.
For more information on Video SEO, please get in touch with professionals at Varn.

Article by: Aimee, Head of Innovation More articles by Aimee

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