How A Website Audit Can Benefit Your Business

One of Varn’s most attractive offerings is our free website audit service. So what is a website audit and how can it benefit your website and the way you interact with customers?

SEO auditing from Varn

Our free website audit will point you in the right direction


There are many ways to build a website for your business and subsequently there are many ways to make mistakes and miss obvious failings.

For more insight on how every little detail in the construction of your website is important read our previous blog: WhySEO Should Copy Team GB Including 35 Marginal Gains For Your Website.

A website audit by independent experts ensures that every aspect of the website is inspected and assessed so weaknesses in design and presentation are brought to your attention. This way, they can be improved and corrected where necessary. Google has told us that there are over 200 factors that influence how a website ranks and we have found that a lot of these are on site factors so if you get these right then this reduces the amount of on-going SEO and content marketing work that needs to be done to climb up Google’s results.

Varn Can Help

Varn can give you a free document pointing out the areas you would be wise to improve in your company’s website.

The free audit is a two page summary of key areas with a score out of 10 for each and then a total score, as well as a conclusion.

Dependent on the outcome of our initial inspection, we may recommend you approach us for a full and comprehensive audit to properly analyse every detail of your website. Whilst there is a fee for the full audit it will assess every aspect of the website in detail and importantly offer advice, suggestions and ideas for changes that will improve the performance.

The Layers of a Website

There are several layers to look at in a comprehensive website audit, including functionality, coding and search engine compatibility.

In most cases, a website can be made to work a lot harder for your business with a few key alterations.

A full audit will inspect factors such as the keywords you use and the way the copy is presented, the way you assign keywords to images, meta data, internal links, the site map, the loading times, the payment system,  the URL and not forgetting – the user experience. A full audit will also look over the fence at the competitors in your market to see how they are performing, what on-going SEO they are doing and how they have designed their websites, to contrast and compare with your offering.

Fine Tuning for Performance

In reality, very few businesses exploit every element of their website’s design to make their website perform to its full potential.

An audit does not critique the business, assess your product range or look into trouble shooting your business proposition. What an audit does, is take your website and suggest how to fine tune it so that it performs to the best of its capability in favour of driving your business in the best direction.

The website is often the most important sales tool of a business, so making it perform better can make a lot of difference to the overall performance of your business.

For a free website audit register your details here and Varn will be in touch. For a recommended full website audit contact Varn for more details and a discussion on the next steps.