How a Website SEO Audit Can Benefit Your Business


21 May 2014

How A Website Audit Can Benefit Your Business

What is an SEO audit?

There are many ways to build a website for your business and subsequently there are many ways to make mistakes and miss out aspects that are essential for SEO. When you are designing a website, or even making changes to the existing website, it is easy to get caught up in focusing only on the design. After all, the way it looks surely has to be the most important priority?

In fact, when it comes to deciding whether your website is worthy of being displayed in their search results, Google use over 200 ranking factors to decide how relevant it is to the search terms that your target audience are typing in. While the appearance of your website is important to both you and your visitors, what’s behind the scenes is just as important, and so every little detail in the construction of your website can make a difference.

A website audit by independent experts ensures that every aspect of the website is inspected and assessed so that weaknesses in design and presentation which may affect SEO are brought to your attention. This way they can be improved and corrected where necessary. We measure websites against Google’s ranking factors to see where they can be improved, in order to provide the most relevant and useful advice to our clients.

What’s included in a Varn SEO audit

We offer comprehensive audits that fully assess every aspect of the website in detail and offer advice, suggestions and ideas for changes that will improve the performance significantly. When the audit is completed, we will sit with you (either in person or via Skype / conference call) to go through our findings and discuss the most effective way to implement our recommendations, which will have been listed in order of priority. You can choose to action these yourselves, or rely on our fully qualified, experienced team of SEO experts to do this for you.

There are several layers to look at in a comprehensive website audit, including functionality, coding and search engine compatibility.

In most cases, a website can be made to work a lot harder for your business with a few key alterations.

An SEO audit from our team of experts will include the following factors:

  • Comprehensive keyword research and analysis surrounding your key search terms and target audience
  • Metadata and click through rate analysis from an organic search perspective
  • Internal linking profile and URL structure / information architecture review
  • Statistical Analysis utilising existing Google Analytics / Search Console accounts
  • Recommendations regarding online conversion rate optimisation
  • Review of existing robots.txt / sitemap.xml files and schema markup implementation
  • Technical on-page coding of headings, inline styling, JavaScript / CSS minification and much more…

In addition to this we can also look over the fence at the competitors in your market to see how they are performing, what on-going SEO they are doing and how they have designed their websites, to contrast and compare with your offering.

How Varn can help to improve your website’s performance

In reality, very few businesses exploit every element of their website to enable it to perform to its full potential.

An audit does not critique the business, assess your product range or look into trouble-shooting your business proposition. The aim of an audit is to assess your website and suggest how to fine-tune it so that it performs to the best of its capability, in order to help drive your business in the right direction.

Each of our audits are completely bespoke to the website that we are auditing as well as the goals and priorities of each business. As an example, an audit might focus on the following actions:

  • Ensure the site is optimised from a technical SEO perspective (speed, internal architecture etc)
  • Identify the most effective keywords for driving relevant traffic that converts
  • Create the foundations of a content/link strategy that you can execute internally or with our support
  • Analyse keyword targeting and performance

The website is often the most important sales tool of a business, so making improvements to it can make a lot of difference to the overall performance of your business.

For more insight on how every little detail in the construction of your website is important read our previous blog: Why SEO Should Copy Team GB Including 35 Marginal Gains For Your Website.

Take a look at the Bespoke SEO Audit options available for more information. Alternative, get in touch with the team at Varn today.

Article by: Tom, Managing Director of Varn Digital Marketing More articles by Tom

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