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11 May 2022

3 Key first steps for improving your Offsite SEO

Building out a comprehensive SEO strategy often starts within Technical SEO as changes onsite can often have bigger immediate impacts on your site and rankings, but a good long term strategy will also take into account your offsite link building activities. You can read more on the value of links in one of our previous articles, here we will cover 3 key first steps you can take to improve your offsite SEO from day one.

1. Disavow low quality referring domains

Creating a disavow file to reduce the effect the poor quality links have on your backlink profile will help the good quality links to shine. Whilst it is not a silver bullet for your SEO, it should be one of the steps you take when it comes to improving your backlink profile. 

When creating a disavow file, be careful how you determine which domains you are looking to disavow, you will not want to accidentally disavow good quality domains as this could have a negative impact on rankings. 

2. Develop a competitor gap analysis from competing sites 

After you have removed some of the lower quality backlinks, conducting a backlink gap analysis with competing sites will help to uncover link opportunities. A good competitor analysis will uncover sites that are linking to a selection of your competitors but not your site. These domains can often represent good link building opportunities early on in your campaign. 

3. Scrape the web for unlinked mentions 

If you are a larger brand there is a good chance you will be getting a lot of unlinked mentions of your brand online. This is where sites are using your company name without linking back, and they often represent a warm opportunity to get a good quality backlink. 

Make sure you build a good long term strategy and implement it 

Once you have sorted some of the quick wins in offsite SEO, you will need to create a long term plan on how to get good quality links for your site and direct the SEO value towards the high-value landing pages. Get in touch with Varn if you need some extra support.

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Article by: David, SEO Account Manager More articles by David

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