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2 May 2015

10 Reasons Why You Need to Put a Video on Your Homepage

It is no wonder that video is charging ahead as the media that marketing departments and businesses are prioritising. Video instantly stimulates your senses, stays relevant across all devices and can invoke an emotional response and longer visiting times if embedded in your website.

It helps with SEO, can add to the quality of your website and is easy to engage with. If you haven’t already – isn’t it time you put a video on your homepage?

Video is the Media to Watch

The trend spotters and research agencies are all aligning to the conclusion that video has gone from a marketing option for businesses to a marketing must. The signs are clear enough:

  • YouTube is the second largest social media giant after Facebook with a phenomenal 1 billion unique visitors a month. Vimeo is now being widely used by professionals as the choice video platform with 20 million users and rising.
  • One in three people in Great Britain watch a video online once a week.
  • Research by Neilsen indicates that 64% of marketers expect video will be the foremost media for their future strategy.
  • Cisco predict that by 2017 video will make up 69 % of all consumer internet traffic.

You can make an Explainer Video to demonstrate complex ideas simply or liven up concepts that may not be so interesting if presented in text. You can create a Pitch Video to sell your services in the most succinct and visually attractive way or a Promotional Video Advertisement to get to the heart of your offering. With video you can use animation, actors, words and images and represent statistics in clever and innovative ways that would be lost in single images. Importantly you can tell stories and appeal to emotions, limited only by your own creativity.

10 Reasons to Make a Video

There are good reasons to make a video for your homepage:

  1. First impressions count – videos can make a great first impression for your company. Axonn Media revealed from research that seven in 10 people view brands more positively after watching video content about them.
  2. Increase Click Through Rate – you can increase Click Through Rate by 30% by embedding video on your homepage according to Hub TV.
  3. Suited to mobile – for mobile and smart devices time spent browsing on websites has been proven to be shorter, so video can be quicker to absorb than text.
  4.  Visitors stay on your website – visitors will stay longer on your website according to invodo. Research shows that more than three out of five consumers will invest two minutes in a video that explains a product they are thinking of purchasing whilst 37% will watch for over three minutes.
  5.  Videos can boost SEO – video is a way to target keywords in search engines. According to one piece of research by Forrester, for Google an indexed video may have up to 50 times more chance of ranking on the first page than a textual page in the index.  Also videos can help increase the time a user spends on your website which will impact your ranking.
  6.  Easiest way to engagement – it’s a passive engagement that people are used to. You are not making them do anything more strenuous than watch a screen. It’s a comfort zone. Potential customers may not want to read much and why should they?
  7.  Return on Investment – according to eMarketer more than 50% of marketing professionals say that video content has the best ROI.
  8.  Potential to share – videos can be easy to share on social media. There’s potential to go viral. For the braver marketers and companies out there you can be really creative with a promotional video. There are rules to making videos go viral – they have to tell a good story, surprise or create an emotional reaction – positive is better!
  9.  Increase your chances to get ranked high – transcripts for your videos will help search engines to index it. Surround the video with copy that can be indexed.
  10.  It’s fun! Videos are entertaining to watch. It can be great fun to make a video too and is very rewarding when the results translate to an excellent piece of film which has the power to show people your brand in a more exciting way than written text and static images.

A Few Tips

If you are convinced to add a video to your homepage, create good teaser text around the video clip to entice the visitor to click on ‘play’. Don’t skimp on quality and if you can, rely on professionals to help you create the video. Keep it short too, around three minutes should wrap up your message.

If you would like to find out more about making a video for your business we recommend contacting HUB TV who can explain what is involved and go through the possibilities with you. If you want to design a website with video embedded in it and are concerned to have good SEO, please contact us here at Varn.  

Article by: Tom, Managing Director of Varn Digital Marketing More articles by Tom

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