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1 May 2024

April Roundup

We have collated the latest SEO and search marketing news from the last month, as well as important Varn news and updates. If you want to stay up to date with the latest in SEO news, you can also follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram.

OpenAI Announces Instant-Use ChatGPT – No Login Required

  • OpenAI has recently announced the ability to use ChatGPT without needing to create a new account, making it more widely available to users, like a search engine.
  • With ChatGPT now one step closer to fulfilling Google’s own mission statement to make information ‘universally accessible and useful’, the Varn team will be keeping an eye on its developments alongside other generative AIs like Google’s Gemini.

Google’s CEO On What Search Will Be Like In 10 Years

  • Recently in on Search Engine Journal, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai discusses how AI will influence what search engines will look like in ten years.
  • The Varn team believes that whilst AI is expected to change certain aspects of SEO, human creativity and strategic thinking are indispensable. SEOs will need to bring a level of intuition and understanding of user intent that AI struggles to.

Google Ads Introduces Generative AI Tools For Demand Gen Campaigns

  • Recently on Search Engine JournalGoogle Ads introduces Generative AI tools for Demand Gen Campaigns. It’s interesting to see how Google is using text prompts to trigger AI in generating visuals for the ads.
  • The Varn team believes it is important to have personal input into the prompts, and monitor the quality and relevance of images used in the ads.

TikTok: The New Search Engine Tool for Gen Z?

  • We have taken a look at TikTok’s rising significance as a search engine tool for Gen Z, and how it can potentially shape the future of search.

Tom Vaughton talking SEO Success at Brighton SEO

Our CEO Tom Vaughton helped to kick off Brighton SEO, the world’s largest search marketing conference. On April 25th, Tom opened the latest Brighton SEO conference on the main stage, sharing a talk all about ‘the good, the bad and the ugly of SEO success’. With over 5000 attendees, digital marketeers flock to Brighton twice a year, for a 2-day global search marketing conference, which has the aim of helping search and digital marketers meet, learn, and do their jobs better. Tom is a regular speaker at Brighton SEO and after 24 years of working in search and digital marketing, Tom is frequently asked to share his ideas and thoughts on how search, Google, website visibility and SEO is evolving and impacting brands and businesses.

Keep an eye out for the Varn team’s key highlights and takeaways from Brighton SEO, out later this week.

Last chance to book VarnFest Future Leaders tickets

Tickets are in hot demand for VarnFest Future Leaders which returns on 8th May 2024. This training day is set in our innovative and beautiful Woodland Office, in Bradford On Avon. It’s a truly unique location for a very special personal development day.

Take a look at our line up for this one of a kind training day, designed for people who have between 0-5 years in the workplace.

VarnFest Future Leaders line up 2024

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Article by: Thomas, SEO Account Executive More articles by Thomas

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