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20 March 2017

CASE STUDY: How We Helped a Client Improve Ranking, Organic Search, Sales And Revenue

The timber industry, generally speaking, relies on a very traditional business model – one that does not hinge on digital strategies or online sales. Our client approached Varn three years ago, asking us to help them with a way to change their business model to rely on an online strategy to drive sales. This was a pioneering and innovative step for a timber merchant and has since proved to be very successful for the company.

The Challenge

The initial challenge was to audit and optimise the client’s website, so that it performed better within search engines for relevant keywords, driving more visits, enquiries and online sales.

What We Did

Varn set about redeveloping their website design with considerable work on optimisation and usability. There was a renewed focus on keywords hinging on the large variety of timber available through the yard. In addition, we made sitemap recommendations and design tips for improved SEO.

The follow up marketing work involved a combination of paid search in the format of Google Ads, offsite PR in the form of news articles and features in the online press for construction and timber related magazines, and a review of the content on the company’s website.

Our client combined the online redesign with a physical move to larger premises, hiring additional staff and increasing stock. The ecommerce ordering platform that was created, in combination with a good CRM system to manage orders, facilitated next day delivery and same day collection for timber with a range of bespoke options possible through the site. It is common in the timber industry to have lead times of several weeks for orders, so this commitment to efficiencies directly led to increases in profits, when customers discovered the website.

The business takes orders nationally and globally, so it was imperative to ensure that ranking for the company, as a supplier, was strong against the competition.

A key element to managing the processes was the monthly stats reports that we compiled from close monitoring. These reports helped us come up with a number of productive performance related recommendations, in order to develop the site and also the associated marketing.

The Results

Google Analytics Screenshot

Goal completions tracked in Google Analytics have increased by 156% over the last quarter

There were many results that showed how the digital strategy was driving the business forward, including:

  • The client are on the front page of organic search for more than 30 separate search terms.
  • They now have almost 40 rankings within Google Mobile search.
  • Visits increased by more than 140% within a six month period of working with the client.
  • Revenue increased by 20% from transactions online via organic search.
  • Overall purchases (not limited to organic) increased by 50% in the past 6 months alone.

How Did The Client Review Us?

Feedback from our client: Varn have, from the very initial contact, fully understood our goal. They have and are always looking to learn about our industry by way of improving the ways in which they can help our business.

The Varn team have all played an integral part in their own ways with their individual specialist expertise, to push our company to be so much more successful in the market place. It is certainly a pleasure to deal with a company that cares about our business.

If you would like to work with Varn on improving your sales with a digital strategy, get in touch with us today.

Article by: Tom, Managing Director of Varn Digital Marketing More articles by Tom

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