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11 March 2021

Could your business benefit from SEO Mentoring?

We are only human!

We can’t know everything about everything, no matter how much we want to, or how much we study, learn, experience or work. At times, we all benefit from others expertise and experiences. 

That’s why we have started to offer search marketing mentoring to our clients and businesses that have internal digital marketing teams and staff.

In recent years, we have seen many businesses take SEO and other digital marketing disciplines in-house. With SEO and paid search now integral and critical to a business marketing strategy, this makes absolute sense for some. 

However, we are now seeing many clients reaching out to us, for support in upskilling their in-house teams and acting as unofficial technical mentors. This often happens when a team has certain knowledge gaps or they need support in highly technical SEO challenges. The format can often take the form of a scheduled regular catch up, e.g. a monthly video call, providing our feedback to new ideas, technical expertise and specialist knowledge.

Digital marketing is a term that covers a multitude of disciplines and areas, of which search marketing is our particular bag! Our team are therefore now acting as expert SEO mentors to many senior digital marketers, as well as supporting SME marketing teams that require a bit more knowledge about this area of digital marketing.

We know that things change quickly in our world and by offering SEO expertise that is up to date and evolving, it can be a very useful resource to bring to a business and in-house digital teams. We are increasingly discovering that our mentoring offer often leads to a general upskilling of in-house teams, as we all learn from each other

What does success mean in SEO?

Search marketing can be an area where it can be difficult to judge what success actually looks like, and with SEO being just one of many marketing tactics in a marketeers toolbag, supporting a team to help them judge what SEO success looks like, can also be extremely beneficial.

If you have taken your SEO in house and need some mentoring and search marketing support, please do get in touch, we can work around your team to ensure we make a positive difference to your SEO efforts and your team can crack on with some expert support.

Article by: Vicky, Comms Director More articles by Vicky

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