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10 March 2022

What type of traffic should you drive with your Healthcare SEO?

In the healthcare industry getting in front of the right potential clients, customers and stakeholders at the right time are essential. Organic channels online are growing, and taking advantage of the new trends could put you ahead of the competition in the healthcare industry.

Search engines like Google can help you do just that and this is why many Healthcare companies are waking up to the potential benefit that search engine optimisation can have and why investing in SEO for healthcare is crucial to a sustainable long term strategy. We have years of experience within the pharmaceutical SEO industry and have seen first-hand the benefits that can be gleaned from investing in search marketing.

In this article, we explore the differences between branded and non-branded traffic and what better optimisation for both can mean for your healthcare marketing.

Branded vs Non-branded traffic

Gaining control over the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for your brand helps give you greater control over how your potential buyers and stakeholders interact with you. We work closely with our client partners in healthcare to gain visibility across two channels, branded and non-branded organic traffic.

Branded traffic comes through direct searches for your brand name and subsidiary products and sub-brands. Gaining control over branded traffic gives you more much more visibility on your brand and helps to reduce the scope of third party sites to dominate.

In addition, gaining relevant non-brand related traffic around your medical and healthcare services or products can support your brand awareness and increase your visibility to new customers. This two-pronged approach helps you build further awareness amongst people that know your brand as well as creating a positive first impression with those that don’t.

Whilst branded traffic will typically get a better click-through rate than non-branded, reaching out to new HCPs is essential

Support healthcare professionals (HCPs) across the buying cycle

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients are constantly researching conditions and potential treatments. It is therefore important to gain better control over the organic channels they are searching on which will help you to gain greater control and impact over your brand touchpoints. Producing informative content that ranks well for topical and relevant keywords, will all work to help you to build authority in your sector. This in turn will support your marketing efforts through both branded and non-branded traffic.

If you are interested in finding out more about healthcare SEO and the value it can bring to your medical brand, we have a useful article where you can read all about “Why you should make sure your medical website ranks in a search”.

Do you need support to improve your healthcare website rankings?

If you want to learn how to drive more non-branded traffic to your site whilst gaining better control over your healthcare branded rankings and visits, then get in touch with Varn today.

Article by: David, SEO Account Manager More articles by David

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