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4 March 2014

Intelligent press created with our clients in mind

Whilst in some instances we back-engineer articles from the client as a start point to the story – the copy has to be appropriate, relevant and entertaining to the readership of the publication or online news portal. We have to think carefully about what the readership of the publication or press we submit to wants.

Some examples of press we have generated are:

1.Promoting the key message

We wanted to promote Varn and explain the relevance of SEO, not in technical terms but in terms of the difference it can make to the ‘bottom line’, explaining there is a tangible return on the investment of our services. There are business owners that are aware of SEO but don’t know much about it, how to drive it and how it can work for their business. This article was submitted to a regional magazine but was also published on a national website soon after, that was connected to the publication.

Business Matters Magazine – Don’t fly blind – monitor the performance and ROI of your website and marketing

2. Be known as the authority

Our client, The Paper Bag Company, is a major supplier of bags made of alternative materials to plastic. A story that was breaking in the press was around a proposed new levy on plastic bags to discourage their use as they are not easy to recycle. We knew that the MD of the company was positioned to give an informed opinion on this levy as his business offered an alternative proposition to plastic bags for retailers.

Retail Gazette – The new era of the shop bag

3. Explaining happening trends

Our client, Hub TV creates video content for businesses and we realised that there was a shift in priorities within marketing departments to focus on video for online content. We saw this as an opportunity to explain the trend – with Hub TV as the perfect commentator on the details of the reasoning behind it.

Real Business – Don’t side-line video for content marketing 

4. Breaking news

We were in possession of news which would be appealing to the regional press. Regional newspapers and local magazines need to know what is going on and they are usually open to discussion on stories and events – as long as they are recent or breaking, relevant to the area and might be of interest to the readership.

Bournemouth EchoBistech celebrates 25th year by expanding 

The Business MagazineBistech extends offices for new recruits 

For anymore information on content creation and the SEO opportunities available through PR please contact us.

Article by: Tom, Managing Director of Varn Digital Marketing More articles by Tom

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