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27 February 2024

February Roundup

We have curated some of the key search marketing news from the last month:

TikTok is leading the way on integrating AI into its platform

  • This piece of news highlights TikTok videos now showing on Google SGE search results.
  • TikTok are leading the way on integrating AI into it’s platform, as others are still trying to figure out good use cases of AI tools in-stream.
  • The Varn team will be interested to see how the use of AI based search in TikTok increases value for its users, particularly the Gen Z audience.

Google renames Bard to Gemini and unveils Gemini Advanced

  • What has changed and how does this differ from Gemini Pro? Will this new update and paid version of Google’s conversational AI chatbot lead to further developments and additional competition for ChatGPT? 
  • We have started using and testing Gemini Advanced recently, so keep an eye out for our findings.

Pinterest have announced a major ad partnership with Google

  • The Varn team are excited about this announcement because this will make it easier for our existing Google Ads clients to begin showing ads on Pinterest.

Are you ready for Consent Mode V2?

  • In order to comply with new legislation surrounding rising expectations with user privacy, Google is now moving towards degrading cookies and shifting measurement and tracking to aggregation models instead. To support this shift to cookieless tracking, Google is now rolling out Consent Mode V2.      
  • If you are primarily using Google ads, it’s important you implement it by the 6th March 2024. Read on here to find out how to implement this important framework.

Aimee Talbot will be taking on a newly created role at Varn as “Head of Innovation”

  • As we start to see AI technologies transforming how we all live and work, it’s vital to acknowledge that the landscape of search and SEO will be impacted and will also constantly be evolving.
  • Read more from Aimee about what her new role will be focusing on, to ensure that Varn remains at the forefront of what’s ahead for our industry, and for our clients, as well as some of the key developments to keep your eye on…

The lineup for VarnFest Future Leaders is here!

  • Tickets are now available for VarnFest Future Leaders. A one of a kind training day, designed for people who have between 0-5 years in the workplace.
  • Use our offer code ‘EarlyBird’ for 20% off (full price tickets are £100 and all activities, delicious refreshments & lunch are included).

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Article by: Thomas, SEO Account Executive More articles by Thomas

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