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27 February 2013

Case Study: Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking is a tool which is used to monitor the source and behaviour of visitors to your website who have completed the action you want from your website (anything from purchasing a product or service to contacting you through the website or signing up for a demo).

By knowing the behaviour of these visitors, you are able to discover what sources and keywords actually convert to clients or potential clients rather than just what drives traffic to your website.  This allows you to invest more wisely in particular areas of the website, adverts, keywords and more, ultimately boosting your return on investment and making you more money.

The Case Study

At Varn, conversion tracking is essential, and we implement it within as many of the websites which we we work on as possible. One of our clients who has discovered the many benefits of conversion tracking is the paper bag specialists, Paper Bag Co. This client understood the importance of conversion tracking and the advantages of having different tracking tools integrated within their website.

It was agreed with the client that we would install a number of different tracking tools, as this would produce the best results and allow us to able to measure the cost effectiveness of their advertsing. The tools which we used included the following:

Online Sales Conversion Tracking:

Most importantly, we implemented conversion tracking to monitor completed online sales. This enabled us to discover the behaviours of those visitors who commit to buying paper bags and similar products, from the Paper Bag Co website. When analysed, we could mark any trends or patterns within the results, and focus on improving those particular features which were encouraging people to complete their purchases and to understand which keywords or source where bringing the most profitable clients to the website.

Web Form Conversion Tracking:

We used conversion tracking within the enquiry forms on the website, so that we could monitor the visitors completing the form – we can find out where they had found the website, which sections were leading visitors to the contact page, instead of the checkout, and so on.

Finally, we also used Call Tracking.

Our Call Tracking tool allows us to gather information on people calling the telephone number listed on the Paper Bag Co website. We are able to collect details on how visitors found the website, the keywords used on the search engine, where they are calling from, the length of the phone call, what they do on the website before they call and so on.

This client uses Search Engine Optimisation, PPC Campaigns, E-Newsletters, Advertising and more to boost website visits and sales. With the use of the above tracking tools, they are now able to focus on the areas of the website which have been proven to work.

Because of the conversion tracking tools we have put in place, our client now knows how to distribute their budget to make the most of their investment (For example because you can monitor the cost effectiveness of any Google AdWords/PPC campaign you know which keywords you can spend more on  per click and which ones are a waste of money.) Without the use of conversion tracking, we wouldn’t know where the enquiries or sales were coming from. This could lead to the client wasting advertising money and missing potential business. Thanks to conversion tracking this isn’t the case.

If you would like more information on conversion tracking and the benefits it could have for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the experts at Varn. We look forward to hearing from you.

Article by: Aimee, Head of Innovation More articles by Aimee

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