20th February 2012
Website Call Tracking Software

Our Website Call Tracking Software And How It Can Increase Your Advertising ROI

The old adage that says ‘half of my marketing works, but I just don’t know which half’ is no longer valid for clients of Varn.

This is because we use a unique website call tracking software that can help you identify where all your sales or enquiries come from, down to the advert viewed in a magazine to the keyword searched on a search engine.

Also because our unique website call tracking software can also record the call, track repeat calls, record the time and length of call, allow you to register a sales/lead value and have Freephone or any local rate numbers you wish you really can identify where your sales or enquiries come from and why.

So whether you are an SME, large company or small agency you can make sure every pound of your advertising works for your business. Whether that is measuring your organic search or pay per click (PPC) campaign’s return on investment to understanding where to focus your magazine advertising or spend on websites like

So get the best return on investment for your advertising budget and use our website call tracking software now.

Article by: Tom, Managing Director of Varn Digital Marketing More articles by Tom

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