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9 February 2012

5 Tips to Optimise Your Email Newsletters for Mobile Phones

According to Gartner, in 2008, 30 million smartphones were sold. It’s estimated for 2011 the figure was in excess of 300 million. Moreover, looking at our client’s statistics for their email newsletters, an average of 30% of people now read their emails on their mobile phones; with the iPhone being the most popular.

With these figures in mind here are 5 tips for creating a success mobile phone email marketing campaign:

1. Think about the ‘from’ address
Whatever the actual ‘from’ address that is being used make sure that the ‘descriptor’ (the word or phrase that shows at the far left of the address) is clear and easily recognisable. In fact in tests we have run with our clients has shown that using your name rather than company name can lead to higher read rates.

2. Have an engaging subject line
Strong relevant subject lines are key to gaining email opens. When sending emails to mobile phones make sure important and engaging words are at the beginning of the subject and that the line as a whole will trigger the reader’s interest and make them want to know more.

3. Get straight to the point
Use engaging mini marketing messages or short calls-to-action at the start of your email and make sure they are connected to the information in your email subject line. This will either encourage your readers to visit your website or read the rest of your email for more.

4. Optimise the design and structure
For traditional emailing to computers the width generally should not exceed 650 pixels but remember that most mobiles only have a viewing area of half that. Also when we have tested optimising email open rates for clients the newsletters the newsletters that looked most like a normal email, by that we mean no images and easy to read text, have performed best when the aim was to get a response or to get readers to click through to the company website.

5. Test Test Test
Although these general mobile email guidelines will work for almost all email campaigns do remember that what works for one industry won’t always work in another. So from what time of day you send the email to your layout and how many images you use keep testing to see what gets the best results for your campaign; whether that is email read rates or click-throughs to your website.

Article by: Tom, Managing Director of Varn Digital Marketing More articles by Tom

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