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30 January 2014

How PR helped the online marketing of Bistech and 5 tips to help with your PR

In this week’s Varn blog we are going to look at traditional PR and how it can improve your website performance, with a case study from – Bistech Group PLC.

So how can PR help?

All companies should have newsworthy stories – product launches, expansions, relocations, new key staff and stock market changes etc – which can be distributed to the press and subsequently picked up and re-published. Not only will this spread news about your company but will provide additional online mentions and high quality links and visits back to your website. This has three big advantages:

  1. The news item will be listed in a high ranking position in the search engine results pages for your company name and relevant keywords, giving you a greater presence in these pages and also helps you to control your brand. See Case Study for Bistech below.
  2. Your link profile will be greatly improved, as search engines may consider news sites as more trustworthy, and therefore give their back links greater credence than other types of links.
  3. If your press release is featured in any major news sites your results will be shown as a ‘News’ item for relevant keywords, automatically giving you a bigger foot print and increased visibility on the SERPs. Ie a search for ‘google’ produces the following results, where News results from BBC News, Sky News and The Financial Times are inserted after position 3, slap bang in the middle of the page:

Case Study Bistech Group PLC

Varn recently put together and distributed a press release for Bistech on the event of their 25th anniversary. The story was picked up by some newspapers and business magazines who then ran the story. As a result a search for ‘bistech’ in google now brings up the piece about them in the Bournemouth Echo online in the 3rd ranking position, enabling Bistech to further dominate the first page of SERPs for their own brand name.

So to help you get more interest in your website through PR here are 5 quick and easy steps:

  1. Pick and cover a newsworthy story. Think about what coverage you want for the story and who would be interested in reading it – from here you can choose the correct publication or media to aim a story at. Make sure you match closely the format and style of the publication or online channel you intend to be published in. Before submitting the story – be sure to check your spelling and facts!
  2. Build a database of press contacts and contact them individually, not with a bulk email. Building personal relationships with editors of publications and news sites can be very valuable. If they know who you are and that you supply good, relevant stories they will likely welcome and nurture a relationship as there are mutual benefits.
  3. Send out regular press releases. Press releases are necessary, as well as tailored stories for targeted media. Press releases should include the date of release, quotes from as many people as possible involved in the story and ideally an extra section at the end of the press release including notes and information for the editors, to support the story. Finally – don’t forget to include a good quality picture at 300 DPI for print use.
  4. Make sure articles are linked back to your company website where possible. Whether a one-off article or a bulk press release it’s important to try and include a website link and if online, a live-link, to drive traffic to your website.
  5. Post press releases to industry press release websites. Like PRWeb or PRNewswire where they will be distributed to major news sites, journalists and bloggers. These tried and tested PR services can do a lot of the hard graft for you by forwarding your press release to their extensive contacts.

So, getting company press releases on high quality news and magazine websites, or in the press through your own PR efforts, can be quite time consuming but legitimate way to get high-quality interest and links back to your site and improve your overall

rankings and results displayed. As with all issues surrounding SEO the search engines don’t publish exactly what the ranking factors are but good quality links are known to be a very important factor. For any more advice please contact Varn.

Article by: Tom, Managing Director of Varn Digital Marketing More articles by Tom

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