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26 January 2016

VARN Original Research: How Many Of Us Print Out Web Pages?

If you have ever printed out website pages you will know that some are better than others when they come out of the printer. Some will have pictures crammed onto one side and fields clustered into corners or over-lapping each other on the printed page. Often the printer will churn out reams of pages in this ugly format which is barely readable.

It’s not a great user experience and reflects poorly on your business. Now imagine that a CEO’s Personal Assistant has been asked to research companies and uses printed out web pages for reference, or imagine a consumer or client prints off a selection of brands for reference direct from websites? The importance of having clearly presented, well formatted print outs of your web pages becomes apparent.

Our Survey Says…

Print Page Test Results

Consistent Across Age Groups

When you break down these results through age you see that there is a slight bias toward printing out web pages from the age of 35 upward but all age groups represented have over 40% printing out web pages.


3 Tips To Ensure Perfect Print Outs

Nearly half of all consumers print out web pages – So what do yours look like? The printed web page could spell an opportunity so consider these points for those hard copies.


1. Make A Print Button
Include a ‘Print’ button on your website so you can make sure the print out is formatted right and secondly, you can track frequency of usage.


2. Make Sure It Is Clear
A couple of simple CSS techniques can ensure your web pages are printed well. You can ensure your whole page is printed like a PDF or have a copy only version for ease.


3. Engage In Extra Marketing
Considering that nearly half of all consumers print out web pages then surely this is an opportunity to include a USP or even a token or offer on the print out. If someone thinks it is worth printing out you web page then there is a direct route for a little extra marketing for your business!

For advice on how to make your printed web pages perfect, contact Varn.

About Varn Original Research: We are pro-actively engaged in research interpreting the truth of consumer behaviour and habits on the journey to sale. Varn is commissioning a series of surveys that ask 1,000 people an important question about their consumer habits online. The results will be shown in INSIGHTS when we have analysed them. Watch out for more VARN Original Research on this blog. 

Article by: Tom, Managing Director of Varn Digital Marketing More articles by Tom

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