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20 January 2015

5 Tips For Image SEO On Your Website

Here are some tips that will make your images more visible to searchers.

  1. Label Images Appropriately

Name your image with an appropriate searchable description. For instance – IMG001.JPG is not something anyone would type into a search box when they were looking for a product or service. So to attract someone to your business page – type in the business name and/or an image description. For instance mens-blue-ski-jacket.jpg

  1. Take Care With Your Alt Attribute

Alt attribute describes the content of your image file providing Google with information about the type of image. Also, readers with visual impairment or low bandwidth rely on descriptive text more.

A good example is alt=“Saami mens blue ski jacket 2015”>

Do not stuff keywords into the alt description as it may be flagged up as spam.

  1. Use Obvious Descriptive Anchor Text

Anchor text is the text used to link to your site. It is helpful for the user and for Google to help understand what the image is about.  You need to be careful that this isn’t spammy but, for example, a link to the blue ski jacket page could be ‘Photos of Saami’s blue ski jacket’.

  1. Use Google Image Extensions for Sitemaps

This is to give more information to Google about images on your website. It tells Google you want them to crawl and index certain images. You can use a separate site map to list the images. You will have to add image-specific tags to the sitemap. You can list up to 1,000 images a page.

  1. You Can Add Geographical Location In Image Tag

In your image tag definition you have the option of including the geographical location of the image if this is important or relevant. For example: <image:geo-location>London</image:geo_location>

For more information on how to make your images optimised for search, contact Varn.

Article by: Tom, Managing Director of Varn Digital Marketing More articles by Tom

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