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6 January 2015

Refine Your SEO Strategy In 2015

It’s been a year of changes for SEO criteria. In reality the steps needed for achieving best practice SEO have been shifting by degrees constantly since SEO marketing became an industry – all with the single-minded goal of refining the experience so the searcher is rewarded with the most appropriate results.

Think About Mobile Devices And Viewer Perception

As we have always maintained – in this respect, businesses that have always strived for their website to be a quality user experience will usually do better that those that just want a quick solution, regardless.  However, the signals that the search engines use to rank pages will continue to develop and help make the results as relevant as possible for users whilst catching people trying to ‘cheat’ Google and short cut their way to the top – so what, as a company, do you need to know and look out for?

Firstly – the latest emphasis for the biggest search engine, Google – is mobile, as we covered in a previous blog.

Three top things to review for successful SEO:

  • Make sure you have your website optimised for all devices it can be accessed on.
  • Website security is another factor to keep on top of.
  • Make sure your meta-data, meta-tags and all content and keywords are relevant for search purposes and to optimise click through rates.

What Is Vital For Effective SEO Marketing?

We would suggest – evidence based decision making. Analytics based decision making is about proof rather than salesmanship or ‘hunches’. A comprehensive audit of your website will expose the places where it can be improved, such as poor landing pages, poor paths to conversion. Analyse traffic in all active parts of your website and social media. Find out what works and what doesn’t work and act on data. ROI is the key concern for your business, so think on the metrics that interpret ROI, understand and learn how to act on them. If you can understand which areas of your website are the ones that customers respond to with traffic and paths to conversion, then you can focus on these.

Invest in success

Don’t be cheap, don’t sacrifice your business success for the sake of cutting a corner or two. Website quality is easy to gauge as is navigation through the website and the effort and thought you put into the design of every page is the difference between success and failure. Use good designers, original illustrations, graphics and infographics. Use video and keep content fresh, engaging and up to date. Make sure you manage your social media tightly and represent the values of your brand whenever using it.

Lastly – consider what your website says about your company. Are you a strong contender in the field, are you a thought leader, do you relate to your customer base? What is your unique quality as a seller? Can you make yourself a voice in your industry with people online talking about you, your company and therefore driving users  and creating links to your site organically.

For any queries or if you want to know more about SEO Marketing please contact the team at Varn.

Article by: Tom, Managing Director of Varn Digital Marketing More articles by Tom

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